Brother & Sister
Welcome to GLOW photography QLD. GLOW photography is known for its natural light photography & photo journalistic style. I am Sonia, a portrait & wedding photographer now in Brisbane. Being a mum myself, I really enjoy working with kids & families. testimonials
Baby on Blanket
Beautiful soft dewy glowing images are GLOW’s. We create this using prime lenses, wide apertures, strategic placement, time of day & available light. Of course we shoot in-between those times.
Mother & toddler reading a book
Plenty of gorgeous forests, hidden spots to hide from the harsh light. We can come & play at your house or your welcome at our Studio.
Mummy & Baby at the Beach
We love to shoot portraits… all sorts of portraits… families, newborns, toddlers, corporate, portfolio, or just a nice picture of you.
Family at the Beach
or a cute little family pics…


Couple in Autumn
We photograph couples, engagements, valentines day, anniversaries, or just a great pic
Portfolio Headshot
We shoot all types of portraits, including portfolios
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