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Welcome, I am Sonia Wright from GLOW photography .

I specialise in wedding photography & have been shooting in my own business since 1995. I love shooting weddings, collectively I have shot over 1500 so far (20+ years later). I enjoy shooting all types of weddings, from a few quick pics through to 3 days of images… from the traditional wedding to the creative bizarre wedding…. from home, a local venue, interstate & overseas. Lets talk about your wedding…. or 0423 914 023

Enjoy our wedding samples …  a stunning country wedding on a perfect day …crmy166crmy153crmy167crmy156crmy155crmy159crmy160bparty157bparty156untitled_324_of_565_untitled_328_of_565_untitled_330_of_565_untitled_318_of_565_untitled_322_of_565_

Cheeky couple who just had a lot of fun running about in the forest…untitled_456_of_565_untitled_452_of_565_untitled_450_of_565_untitled_451_of_565_untitled_446_of_565_untitled_449_of_565_

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