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Beach Couple
Sonia was just what we wanted laid back & just melted into the crowd, it was like she wasn’t even there. She wore white to fit in with our white guests theme also, thank you. We were able to just relax and have fun with the day knowing the photographs would be amazing. Sonia provided us with basic directions & suggestions so it all flowed & yet was never pushy. This made for such a wonderful experience. Apart from great photos she also created a real camaraderie amongst our guests & brought everyone together as a group. Thank you Glow – Lauren & Andrew McGill
James & I were made to feel welcome, relaxed & above all special! Neither of us feels very comfortable in front of a camera, but Sonia made us laugh, relax & have fun. Having the opportunity to choose the style of photography also really made a difference. We found that the portfolio of work made it easy to see which style was right for us. We felt our day was captured in a way that truly reflected our personalities. Our images were superb & the album was beautiful. The images created such a buzz when our friends, family & guests received it in their thank you emails. They are still talking about them now! We will recommend Sonia @ GLOW photograpy to everyone – Wendy & James WALKER
Bright Wall Couple
We were referred to Sonia @ GLOW photography QLD from one of our wedding suppliers who recommended Sonia as the best in the market. I more than agree that Sonia is an outstanding talent who provides an extremely polished service in an efficient & cheerful manner. When we were presented with our wedding images they blew us away, far more amazing than we could have imagined Even more shocking was that Sonia had all the images print ready, some artistically stylised our requested requirements perfectly within 14 days! Collections comprehensive approach enabled us to understand our photographic preferences. Sonia perfectly captured artistic, stylised photography in a polite and unobtrusive manner. I cannot thank Sonia & the GLOW team enough for creating our wedding story & many fantastic art pieces which now adorn our walls… creating a talking piece for years to come. I recommend GLOW to even the most discerning couples. – Paul & Angela JAMES
Laughing Couple
We found Sonia Wright via the internet. We wanted a credible AIPP award winner as reputation really counted to us. We visited over 15 studios & finally found her. We chose Sonia due to her friendly manner, stunning images, album presentation, awards, experience, clearly stated pricing & their ability to ask the right questions & organise us. We also appreciated this was all done with complete understanding & respect of our needs. In the end, GLOW photography QLD gave us more than we expected, besides being happy with the process & a beautiful final product. We were also impressed by the manner the photography was executed on the day, unobtrusive, easy & they made brilliant use of the limited time we had. Our natural personalities, mode & atmosphere of the day was brought out whilst the images were flattering. Our album is a true indication of our day. The photographs are amazing, everything was captured, they listened & captured for every one of our needs. We are truly grateful to Sonia @ GLOW. – Amanda & Mark HING
Colourful Wedding
We found Sonia through word of mouth. The professionalism, photographs & understanding displayed in our first encounter were strong factors which led us to book with her. It was essential that we felt comfortable with our photographer. We loved everything about the photographs we received. There was something extremely artistic about the images & that what was what we wanted for our sub-continent colourful wedding. Sonia captured every moment from grandness, through to the decorations & the mood & intimacy of the ceremony. The photographs will ensure that we are reminded of just how special it was for us. It is not a question of would we recommend Sonia @ GLOW portraits & weddings, its how many recommendations we will make to family & friends, we guarantee many & we have a family friend coming over to see the images for her son’s wedding. – Anisa & Sean KHAN
Beach Family
We brought Sonia over to Fiji with us, it was so easy & uncomplicated, she was a delight. The whole thing flowed & we are so glad we did it. She worked so well with our son also. We are absolutely thrilled about the images, we cannot stop going through them. We have already placed our favourites up on the wall in sequences & they really do GLOW! There is not one image we don’t like, beautiful work, worth every cent. We will be back for our first anniversary shoot. – Leonie & Dan SCHEMER
Our photos were absolutely stunning! We received exactly what we asked for & more. Sonia helped make everything so easy, you were relaxed, enthusiastic & knew exactly what you were doing. We received our DVD as soon as we returned back from our honeymoon so we were able to share it all with our family & friends right away. Using GLOW was a great experience! – Vivien & Vincent
Sunset couple
I was referred to Sonia from one of our relatives who had also used her service for their wedding. I can only agree that Sonia was outstanding & her service was very professional. In addition, to being very punctual and patient on the day, she was able to take our shots in a non-intrusive manner & without the need to give orders. On such a big day of our lives this was a god send! When we were presented with our album it was far better than we could have imagined. Looking at it for the first time we could never have guessed it would have turned out as perfect as it did. Even more shocking was that Sonia had all the images we requested, artistically coloured & delivered by the time she had estimated. We cannot thank Sonia & GLOW team enough for creating our wedding story. – Leanne & Rohan DONOVAN
Walking Couple

We chose Sonia based on results from the ABIA website. Upon viewing your website it only confirmed what we already suspected, that the photos Sonia takes are are not just photos but works of art! We selected Sonia because of her ability to capture those “wow” moments & she didn’t disappoint on the day. We loved the shots she captured because more often than not, we didn’t even realise that she had been around to capture those moments, so unobtrusive & such fantastic candid shots. Our album exceeded our expectations, nothing typical about it, but more like a story board montage of our wedding day. We love it & our family & friends have been blown away by the aesthetics & style of the album. I would recommend GLOW to anybody without hesitation. Our contact with Sonia has always been professional, timely, accurate & enthusiastic. What more could you ask for, we couldn’t have hoped for anything better. – Annette & Paul LAGERLOW

Guest Image

Sonia was a breath of fresh air, the package was just what we wanted, uncomplicated & complete with everything we needed. They made us feel comfortable & were unobtrusive, so the whole experience was pleasant & easy for everyone. I quote often have to stop myself from looking at the photos over & over. They made everything & everyone look amazing! We received nothing but positive feedback from family & friends & we could not have been happier with the results! – Kirsty & Martin SCHIMPF

Ferry Wharf

Amazing value, the images were breathtaking & of high quality. The package was affordable & the service was excellent. Sonia was efficient, organised & took the needs of everyone involved into consideration. Our images are perfect & captured every important moment beautifully. – Katherine & Paul BUTLER


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Previous founder & owner of busy Studio Collections Photography Pty Ltd in Sydney, NSW since 1994 (sold in 2013), prior moving up to Brisbane.31WCPusingH

Awarded No.1 Studio by ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards). Sonia Wright is also a multiple award winner with AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography); & owner of Glow Photography (QLD), photography studio now in Brisbane, 2013 to present, portrait & wedding photography business.


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